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What are we trying to build:

We are trying to build an application where we will manage all our orders that are delivered, or are pending. Through this, we can keep track of all our orders.

Why did we choose to work on this?

Managing small orders are easy but when we get bulk orders from various clients, it gets difficult to manage. Hence, we need a system through which we can store all our data about our orders and track them whenever needed. This way, everything can be organized and available by just one click on this web application.

Key Features : 

  • User friendly

  • Get notification when you need them

  • Supports recurring tasks

Technologies used and why?

Django for full stack development


HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | jQuery

Django was used for its rapid development and ease of use.



Future scope of improvement?
  • We can add cancellation and return of orders and their policy

  • Make a section for all our clients and provide them login so that they can also track their orders.

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Training Basket is a pioneer and certified Training Institute in Noida offering a variety of professional learning courses. Unlike any conventional Training Institute, Training Basket believes providing only the updated and Industry Specific training course to the students which act as a bridge for skill gap and increases the chances of employment with dedicated placement portal Job-Basket and thus a job satisfaction.
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