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Project on Campus Area Network Implementation

Let us discuss one the CISCO projects undertaken by one of our student Mr. Mandeep

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What are we trying to build:

We are trying to build a Network, so many branches within the campus can communicate with each other over the Internet.

Why did we choose to work on this?

In a campus all users can perform communication over the internet.

Campus network is segregated with different education sectors as well as different streams or branches.

Different campus users can perform private network to private network communication over the internet, so it seems like they are connected locally. 

Any broadcast message is not going to be shared with different department’s networks. So there is no unnecessary flooding in this network.

Devices & Technologies used and why?


CISCO 2900

Router is used to switch the data from one network to another network.Router uses a Routing table to make forwarding decisions. so any user can perform communication with different network users.

IP-Routing :

It is a process which is used to update the routing table. So the Packets can be transmitted towards Destination . 

Switch :

Cisco 2960

Switch is used to switch the data in LAN (Local area network).

Switch is an intelligent device which uses a mac table to make forwarding decisions.

VLAN :-  VLAN is used to divide Broadcast domain over the LAN or single network.

Software - Cisco Packet Tracer 7.3

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