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PYTHON TRAINING-Do You Really Need It? The Ultimate Secret Of Python Training is here !

Updated: Jan 3

Regardless of whether you're hoping to start coding as a  alternative career, or just to upgrade your present skill, the primary thing you'll need to do is choose which programming language will help you in your career path.

If you’re just starting your career, I would like to recommend you to choose Python for your career . Instead of jumping directly into strict syntax rules, Python is easy or even fun programming language and it is an understandable language for those who are new to programming.

Now question is that what is Python? Because if you are new in this domain then you need to start from scratch…Python is an interpreted high level programming language for general programming. If you compare Python with ruby, Pearl or java then it is a clear and powerful object oriented programming.

History of Python

The History of Python was started when it was developed now let us discuss on which year it was developed. The year in which Python was developed is 1980, and after that it was developed in December 1989 by Guido van Rossum at Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica(CWI) in the Netherland.

“The recent list of the top programming languages in the IEEE Spectrum's Python was ranked 1st.”

Why Python’s popularity suddenly increases:

The main reason behind the popularity of Python is DATA SCIENCE. The main driver behind its fast growth is probably Data Science and Machine learning.In the year 0f 1980 when Python was developed it was not so much popular among developer. Then in 21st century, google made some changes in Python core logic which made the huge improvement in its performance and its power as well, this makes Python  a popular language.

Features of Python

Free and Open-Source: The First feature of Python is that it is Free, means you can use it without invest a single penny .

Portable: Python is portable language. It follows the principle of WORA which means “write once run anywhere”. In other words it means if you write a code of python for Windows then it is not necessary that you only have to run this code in windows only you can also run anywhere on any OS.

Extensible: This feature of Python makes it best among other languages. In short if needed you can also write some code of  Python in other language like C++.

Large Standard Library: In Python you don’t have to write your code for every single thing because Python downloads with a large standard library which you can use in your Python web development.

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